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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bar Camp Bangkok - Day 1 (Presentations by Geeks for Geeks)

Okay, so I'm a bit of a geek. I'm definitely outclassed by some of the incredibly smart people who are attending (and some of whom are presenting) here. Bar Camp Bangkok (www.barcampbangkok.org) is a user-generated content symposium, meaning that anyone or everyone that shows up can post a topic they've prepared a presentation on. Everyone votes with markers for the ones they want to see, and the presentations with the highest scores get a room for 30 minutes.

There was a very good presentation by someone from Mozilla Labs, as well as one (in Thai) on differentiation of web 2.0 websites (and apps) where the presenter showed off a number of Thai-language "clones" of popular sites, such as a clone of twitter called NokNok, and an interesting site that's a mash-up of twitter and other things, called twistori.

I will update this post later - while sitting here recharging my battery and writing this, I was privey to a really fascination discussion between two guys on ORM (object-relational mapping) tools for Postegre (a relational database). Although I've never worked with Postegre, much of what they were saying was conceptually identical to using the Subsonic ORM generator for SQL Server, or Microsoft's own "Linq to SQL" (aka "LINQ") which ships with the .Net framework 3.5. Actually, come to think of it, Microsoft bought Subsonic, which is an open-source ASP.Net application, so they're both now "Micrsoft's own".

Well - time to go find another presentation! I'm here with a coworker and friend, Franz Nitz, who gave a presentation (read: "pitch") for being an Agoda affilitate site. He's the affiliate manager for Agoda, so obviously this guy deserves a fat bonus for putting in the weekend effort!