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The Hacking Bangkok blog covers I.T. and technology in general, and my experiences working and living in the Kingdom of Thailand. Bangkok has a very long Thai name, which starts with Krung thep - City of Angels.
Bangkok sunset from my bedroom balcony

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Even developers need to decompress... err, relax! Bangkok is THE party city!

Well, after an indeterminate number of drinks at The Jet Metropolitan Club, I'm feeling rather toasty! Note to single guys - this bar, even more than Bangkok as a whole, is absolutely packed with with stunningly beautiful women. Sitting outside enjoying my pasta and drinking Chivas Regal with mixers was like sitting at the catwalk of a fashion show. We've moved inside now (I'm tapping this out on my Touch Diamond, between furtive glances at the most beautiful women in Thailand - 'nuff said).

It's easier than i thought to compose using the touch keyboard, even 'mao leaw' (already a little drink).

Back to strictly tech stuff tomorrow!