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Monday, August 25, 2008

Malaysia gets WiMAX (4G) network – will Thailand ever get even 3G?

“Hello, NTC?
 Can I get some 3G?”

According to multiple sources, including Network World and WiMAX Today, at least one company – Packet One Networks - is already offering WiMAX subscriptions to people in limited areas with plans to roll out coverage to most of the west cost of Malaysia. For Malaysians on the east coast, another company – REDOne – is apparently rolling out their own WiMAX network with some help from Motorola (yes, the same guys that make the RAZR!).

Meanwhile, back in Thailand… Nectec is planning (*sigh*) to test a small WiMAX network in Mae Hong Son. Sorta like AIS tested out a small 3G network in Chiang Mai, but Nectec will be serving even fewer people with hi-speed data than the meager hundreds of users AIS has on their test network.

One interesting tidbit of news is that Packet One Networks (aka “P1”) is a subsidiary of parent company Green Packet Bhd, whose CEO Puan Chan Cheong lists Thailand one of the countries that “[Green Packet Bhd] is very keen to explore for potential WiMAX licences.” Sure.. good luck getting approval from Thailand’s sclerotic (read: slow as a fossilized dinosaur) and bureaucratic cousins, the NTC and NBTC.

And as for getting third-generation “3G” networks based on HSDPA? Well, six months ago AIS said they’d be rolling out in Bangkok by June. Then it was July. As of last Friday's Reuter's news report we’ll all get our already-looking-obsolete 3G service in the city of angels sometime in the first half of 2009. Assuming the NTC and NBTC don’t get into another pissing contest first. Whoever had the bright idea of creating two agencies, both with the words “National” and “Telecommunications” in their name anyway? Until then, my amazing 3G Touch Diamond will continue slogging away on EDGE, except for when I travel to Malaysia maybe.


john said...

its very shocking news that thailand is not covered with 3G network.how can it happen?well,just wait,wimax will come in your area soon.