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The Hacking Bangkok blog covers I.T. and technology in general, and my experiences working and living in the Kingdom of Thailand. Bangkok has a very long Thai name, which starts with Krung thep - City of Angels.
Bangkok sunset from my bedroom balcony

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My first blog post from my phone

Last week I wrote about my experiences and impressions of the HTC Touch Diamond. Now, I'm going to post a quick entry from my Diamond - and I'll try adding a photo for good measure.

Outlook mobile's standard compose window doesn't support formatting, <i>but</i> if I (tediously) tap in some HTML code, it might come through. Maybe. Here's a photo, taken in dim light, of your favorite trash-collecting robot, sitting in Central World.

Later, I'll try pasting formatted text from OneNote Mobile, to see if that's possible.