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The Hacking Bangkok blog covers I.T. and technology in general, and my experiences working and living in the Kingdom of Thailand. Bangkok has a very long Thai name, which starts with Krung thep - City of Angels.
Bangkok sunset from my bedroom balcony

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sweet 3G Goodness in Seoul!

If you own a 3G smartphone, but live in a country with no 3G service (yet), well it's like owning a Ferrari in Singapore - there's nowhere to try out your toy at full speed.

So on landing at Incheon - the airport serving Seoul - it was great watching my HTC Diamond's never before use 'H' (for HSPA) icon appear, which morphed into the inverse-color '3G' symbol after warning me about roaming charges.

So now the Opera browser loads pages almost imperceptibly faster. Oh - and I can't send an sms. Doh! I'll try the video-calling as soon as I line up a suitably-equipped victim, and play with my sms settings. The photo is of the spaceship-like terminal building (snapped as I walked to the parking lot).