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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

As Usual - I Find Out About Bangkok Protests on Google News

As is often the case, I just found out the latest news about the seemingly never-ending protests and counter-protests that Thais are having by scrolling past the headline on Google News. Doh!

The city is so huge, that other than some newspaper reports I read about planned protests (by both pro- and anti-government protesters, who really disagree) while being rained on in Koh Samui island over the weekend, there just wasn't any evidence of anything big going on today. I even walked to the grocery store and bought a turkey, potatoes, bread cubes, etc. (I cook a big Thanksgiving dinner every year), and walked back, and nothing. Nada.

After catching the latest episode of "Heroes", I was checking out Gizmodo, and decided to check Google News - and the protesters have gathered at Bangkok's international airport, which the government proceeded to shut down. Okay, so I'm glad these losers didn't decide to "occupy" the airport yesterday (since I flew back from Samui last night), but ya know, they've just lost any sympathy they might have had from me. Don't mess with the airport - airports are a big enough pain the butt for everybody involved on the best of days. Get the *$$! out of Suvarnabhumi Airport already.

This post was slightly off-topic, although the fact I find out about almost anything going on here (the occasional bloodless coup, protests, etc.) via the internet is a source of some amusement (for me anyway - I'm obviously easily amused, lol). Thai politics are amusing for a whole HOST of other reasons that I'll save for an article on the main hackingbangkok.com site.