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Bangkok sunset from my bedroom balcony

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Apple Comes to Thailand.... Sort Of.

It looks like the mighty eye of Sauron....err... Apple, that is, has finally set its gaze on the Kingdom of Thailand. To the left (conveniently in Thai) is part of an email promo sent out by Apple to announce the new Official Apple Online Store for Thailand.

The large first line just says, "Sawadee meung Thai", which basically means, "Hello Thailand". If you click on the link above to the Apple Online Store, you'll see the same thing in English. No mention of the iPhone yet, just iPods and Macs - and a free purple T-shirt if you buy one before November 24th. *yawn* Of course, the country is literally swimming in iPhones, including the new 3G iPhones - despite they're all being gray-market items, and of course, the complete uncertainty over when, if ever, we'll see a 3G network rolled out!

Now if we could get a genuine, physical, bricks and mortar Apple Store, that would be something. Just sayin'.

Edit: Looks like True Move will be bringing the iPhone to Thailand too, so hopefully this is just a portent...