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Bangkok sunset from my bedroom balcony

Friday, December 5, 2008

Bangkok's 7-Story Spiral Stairs Using Escalators (take THAT Gizmodo!)

I read Gizmodo pretty often obsessively, and about a week ago they had a brief story (with photos) of a building in Taipei. The 10-story faux "spiral" escalators in Taiwan apparently impressed the Gizmodo editors, so I thought I'd invite them to come check out Central World Plaza shopping mall in Bangkok.

The same basic effect - albeit seven stories instead of 10 - is at the heart of the Bangkok mall's architecture also, and has been for... um... I'm gonna say three years about. Ever since the mega-refurbishment that tripled the size of the already large shopping mecca. So, these are all some shots (taken with my phone-cam, again, sorry!) of my local architecural wonder.

Since it's Christmas time, and even Thailand is not immune from the ever-present Christmas trees, mind-numbing songs about Santa and snow, you can see a gi-normous (fake) tree in the center of the circular (tubular?) space in the middle of the spiral.

I'll post some pics in my next entry of more of Bangkok's wonderfully tacky holiday decorations. Even though I have to enter the mall to do it >>shudder<<.

View from the top - and yes, I should use a real camera for these shots. But a shout-out to Gizmodo for giving me an idea of how to show off some of Thailand's architectural/technological prowess!


Nguyen Truong Tung (Tom) said...

Those are some cool photos!