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Friday, December 12, 2008

HTC Touch HD Fondled In Bangkok!

Using her Jedi powers to make me want it...

HTC's new iPhone-sized phone, the Touch HD (for "High Definition") has finally shown up in stores in Bangkok. While not actually HD in the television-sense, it does boast a resolution of 800 x 480 on its monster 3.8" screen. That's both slightly larger than the iPhone's 3.5" screen, and 2.5 times the resolution! Yowza! While not quite as "pixel dense" as the Touch Diamond (which is 640 x 480 but only 2.8"), the Touch HD will let you watch a DVD rip in its full glory, with some horizontal space left over. It also uses the same 528 MHz ARM-based processor as the Touch Diamond and Touch Pro.

The camera (on the back) is 5 megapixels, a nice bump from the 3.2 MP of my Touch Diamond. On the other hand, I end up chopping the size of most of my cam-shots by 50% for the web anyway.

At this particular store, called "Touch", in Central World mall, the Touch HD is selling for the full retail price of 37,400 baht. Then again, they've got the Touch Diamond selling for 27,000 baht, and I only paid 25,500 baht for mine last June (and you can pick one up for 20,000 baht if you wander around MBK for a bit). And, just for comparison, they've got unlocked iPhone 3Gs for 37,000 baht - a premium of 4,000 baht over the haggling-shops of MBK. This store is in a high-end mall, so everything is more expensive than elsewhere.

Speaking of the Touch Diamond - this store also has the new white-backed Touch Diamond version, which looks a lot cooler than I thought it would. But it's only the back that's white - the front is still black (??). I don't get that - but maybe they'll sell just the white back cover for it, so I can fashionably accessorize my phone (NOT!).


Den said...

I think the black/white idea is like what Thai people call "two-tone" which may catch more attention than a plain black or white.

rohan said...

is the HTC Touch HD available at the Bangkok International Airport??

Kirk Davis said...

I've been lucky enough to avoid being at the airport for about a month or so, so I'm not sure if the gadget shops there have it yet. If they do, expect to pay full retail, and not much room to haggle (the "duty free" zone is often the "overpriced zone").

Anonymous said...
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