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Bangkok sunset from my bedroom balcony

Friday, December 5, 2008

Island Wedding - Koh Samui

The weekend before the PAD protestors shut down the two major airports in Bangkok (which are now re-opened, yeah!!!), I flew down to a friend's wedding in Koh Samui. Me being me, I forgot to take a camera along, but luckily the cam in my phone (Touch Diamond) is not too bad in daylight - a "touch" blurry (okay, that was horrible) is all. The ceremony was partly inside, and partly outside (the rain miraculously stopped for the duration of the wedding!)

My friend (Rie) is actually not Thai, she's Japanese/Chinese, and lives in London with her new husband, Tim. So they and their families flew from all over the globe to have the wedding in Samui. Here's a photo of them at the reception, along with Rie's friend Xian (or Chien?), who must be the world's cutest bridesmaid):

And like every good reception, after the newlyweds ride off in a decorated... um.... elephant. Ha! You don't see this at your average wedding:

One of the things that I really love about Thailand is that you can go from being in your high-rise condo watching "Heroes" one day, to watching your newly-married friends trying to ride an elephant on the beach the next. Seriously, this is a great place to live!


Anonymous said...

Hello..I work for a magazine here in Thailand and I am writing a feature on tropical weddings. I live on Koh Samui. I would like to contact the couple that got married here and do a small email interview with them. Please email me at timknight@absolutethai.com. Thanks,