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Bangkok sunset from my bedroom balcony

Monday, January 5, 2009

Better Late Than Never Part 1: Christmas in Bangkok

Merry Christmas Bangkok!

Okay, so this is definitely a late blog entry, considering Christmas was two weeks ago. But hey, quality takes time, right?

With minimal commentary, here are some images I snapped with my ever-trusty HTC Diamond's cam. Phone cams are getting ever better, but the shutter speed is still a bit slow -hence the blurriness in some of the shots (and no flash either, doh!) To the left is the decorated Christmas tree in front of Central World Mall.

Inside the mall, some of Santa's elves were milling around looking bored!

Actually, there were a bunch of different school groups and choirs that were singing assorted holiday songs and carols. The mall had a baby-grand piano, which was also used by the four-piece orchestra (not kidding) playing music during the holidays on the ground floor.

The faux-snow-globe with two actual people (dressed as a rather-skinny Santa and his rather-cute elf!) inside was at another mall, "Esplanade", in an area called Ratchada. See the next photo for the elf in close-up!

And now you know why Santa is so jolly, ha ha ha (or ho! ho! ho!). I have so many holiday-season photos that I don't have room for here, that I'll eventually post them on the main Hacking Bangkok website.