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The Hacking Bangkok blog covers I.T. and technology in general, and my experiences working and living in the Kingdom of Thailand. Bangkok has a very long Thai name, which starts with Krung thep - City of Angels.
Bangkok sunset from my bedroom balcony

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Some Phone-cam Shots From Turatao Park

I'm sending this from my phone, with it's *very* sketchy EDGE connection, while sitting in an open-air reggae bar on a beach at Koh Lipe. So, I've got my fingers crossed that the pics will make it through at all.

My back is totally sunburnt, but the all-day snorkeling trip was great - went to two smaller islands, plus three other dive/snorkel spots. The fact that I can access email and (in limited, slow fashion) the web, while riding in a wooden longtail boat off the coast of Thailand still amazes me, when I stop complaining about the crappy bandwidth for a minute!

Last nite, I tried playing "Half Life 2: Episode 1", with the trackpoint (pointing stick) on Thinkpad - let's just say, for some things, you *really* need a mouse or trackball. I died about 11 times taking refugees to the train station.

There's some updated info on the never-ending 3G saga in Thailand (hint: delayed!!), I'll post an update when I have a real keyboard.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Breakfast on the Beach at Koh Lipe

This was the view from my breakfast table, I'm at Koh Lipe (an island off the coast of southern Thailand)l I'm on that boat RIGHT NOW trying to send this before I lose EDGE connectivity. Going snorkeling today, diving tomorrow!

Thailand is just amazing.