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Sunday, April 25, 2010

HTC's Last WinMo Superphone Shows Its Face in Bangkok

HTC's last - and best - Windows Mobile phone (WM6.5.x) has shown up in Bangkok, not long after it's released in the U.S. Selling for about 19,500 Thai baht (~ $590 USD), this snapdragon-powered handset, the HTC HD2, has gotten good reviews in the states - and has already been hacked to run (mostly) Microsoft's forthcoming Windows Phone 7 (they thankfully dropped the "series" from the name).

Without any official upgrade to the new OS though - it's officially NOT getting WP7 - it's hard to recommended the HD2, unless you need WM6 for some specific work reason or software. Or, maybe if you're someone looking to flash it with either WP7 or Android (in which case, you're probably better off waiting for a "real" WP7 device this fall - both HTC and Dell look to be releasing some beautiful hardware running Microsoft's new baby this year. For an Android fix, I'd still recommended the Nexus One (on which I'm writing/dictating this blog post), or its kissing-cousin, the sensified HTC Desire (which is essentially the same as the HTC Incredible, on sale in the U.S. this week).

Most of the big shopping malls in the central business district of Bangkok - Central World, Siam Paragon, Gaysorn, Siam Discovery - are still closed due to the neverending (and annoying!) protests in the area, but MBK has always been the better place to pick up new mobile stuff anyway.