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The Hacking Bangkok blog covers I.T. and technology in general, and my experiences working and living in the Kingdom of Thailand. Bangkok has a very long Thai name, which starts with Krung thep - City of Angels.
Bangkok sunset from my bedroom balcony

Thursday, September 13, 2012

And.... I have moved back to America (to Oregon)

So, my blog's name is now a bit out of date.  Since the end of May, I've actually been in the United States (near Portland, Oregon), and in August, I finished purchasing a house here, so I'm no longer "hacking Bangkok".  Plus, as anyone who stumbled across this blog more than once probably noticed, I haven't been writing any new posts lately.  This is because I've been very short on time - I'm a new father, and we three just relocated here to Oregon from Thailand, and I've spent more time assembling annoying IKEA furniture than you'd believe (unless you, too, have shopped at IKEA).

Oregon is a beautiful place - I took this photo of Crater Lake on the last weekend in July (the file is wrongly named "crater-lake-august"), and the picture of Haystack Rock, which is near Cape Kiwanda, back in June. I live just over 90 minutes from the coast, and about 90 minutes from Mount Hood, and around 2 or 2 ½ hours from Mount Saint Helens, which famously blew its top in a massive eruption back in 1980.

There's a ton of news since my last post on topics I'd written about previously - especially in the Windows tablet space and the smartphone space.  Apple announced the iPhone 5 today, Android surpassed 50% market share worldwide this year, and Microsoft's "WinRT" tablets will be arriving next month.  It's been just over a year since I wrote my speculative piece about how Microsoft could end up "winning the great tablet wars".  I'm not so convinced they can do more than grab a share of the enterprise market being this late to the game - given that the tablet market grew a lot faster than I thought it would - but at least it should give them a foot in the door.

So I will be keeping this for the name of my blog, since (a) it's a cool name, and I like it and (b) who knows, we might move back to Thailand at some point.  Plus, no changing domain names.  When I do find time to post something relevant, if there's a Thai angle to it, I'll probably work that in as well.